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SAMSUNG ELECTRO MECHANICS - Suwon, Pusan, and Daejon South Korea

Though they were well trained and staffed, after more than two years of hard work, the team of Black Belts were having trouble identifying meaningful projects. Working through interpreters, we trained and mentored 24 cross functional team members in Value Stream Mapping ("Learning to See") with COW/COPQ Analysis for manufacturing and transactional processes and ProcessModel Simulation Software. Teams identified over $36 Million in Cost of Waste and Cost of Poor Quality (COW/COPQ) Opportunities in just four of their manufacturing and two of their transactional Value Streams. Over 18 meaningful projects were identified for immediate action, to focus on lead/cycle times, inventory/WIP levels, and process/product variation. To enhance their learning and understanding, we developed numerous specific Case Studies and frequently reviewed their Value Stream Maps and data as they progressed. The client possessed the skills necessary to pursue the opportunities on their own - we just had to help show them how to identify the opportunities that were "hidden" within their Value Streams.

HYUNDAI MOTOR COMPANY - Ulsan, Namyang South Korea
Mentored and coached ten Black Belts through their DFSS Projects, both R&D and manufacturing. Knowledge gained was applied to projects including work on the Hyundai Santa Fe, the first vehicle Hyundai has ever launched directly into the US market. The vehicle has received top marks in US Independent Insurance Crash Tests, rating significantly higher than the comparison vehicles, the Toyota Rav 4 and the Ford Escape.

From the Quality Digest 2002: "In 2002, Korean manufacturers Kia and Hyundai improved the most, by 21 and 19 percent respectively."

From ASQ News, October 2003: "Hyundai continued its impressive climb in customer satisfaction from an industry low score of 69 in 1999 to 81 this year."

KIA MOTORS COMPANY - Seoul (Sohari), Kwangju, Hwasung South Korea
Mentored and Coached the first two waves of Six Sigma DMAIC Black Belt candidates (40 students) throughout their learning and application. Products included passenger car, mini-van, light and heavy truck, and bus. Projects included improvements in charging systems, castings, stampings, steering and handling, windshields, doors and deck lids (form, fit, function), water entry, fuel systems, paint, and body welding. Since, KIA market shares and JD Powers quality and customer ratings have consistently improved. A Kwangju student's project won the 2001 Korean Standards Association Six Sigma Award. Kia has since been engaged in the Six Sigma quality program for over three years and the results have won the company the Six Sigma Innovation Award at the Korean National Quality Management Conference in November 2002.

Joint task forces have been formed within the R&D Division to design new models. The Pilot Research Building at the Namyang R&D Center is jointly used by Kia and Hyundai to ensure world-class quality from the beginning stages. General and Senior Managers are also being trained to qualify for Black Belt in the Design For Six Sigma program to help eliminate design errors and create robust designs.

Improvement targets set for 2002 were surpassed by 100%.

Kia’s reputation as a technology leader in the Korean domestic market continues to grow. In 2002 Kia engineers were awarded with two KT Marks, one Chang Young-sil Award and one Korea Automobile Engineering Association Award for excellence in technology.

GLAXOSMITHKLINE - Herrenberg, Germany and Manila (Cainta), Philippines
Mentored and Coached the entire Herrenberg Operational Excellence Lean and Six Sigma rollout. Conducted Senior Management Team Training and Baseline Event. Worked with Champion and Black Belts to conduct Advocate training and develop project portfolio. Projects significantly increased product throughput and improved quality on blister and bottle packaging processes, avoiding anticipated second shift operations and potential need for parallel processes. Gains were achieved through TPM and SMED. Worked with the Cainta team to teach select Lean and Six Sigma topics to augment their training.

COMAUPICO FIAT S.p.A. - Southfield, Farmington Hills, Novi, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Trained, mentored and coached two Master Black Belts, four waves of Black Belts, two Waves of Green Belts, senior management and Champions in Integrated Lean Six Sigma, Team Leadership and Facilitation, and Project Management. Projects included: Production / Assembly Operations, IT/MIS, Engineering, Procurement, HR, Project Management, Accounts Payable / Receivable. One project on Receivables was able to collect on $7 Million of previously written off bad debt, aged over two years. Kaizen Events returned, on average, $113,000.00 through reduced cycle and lead times, reduced inventories and WIP, line balancing, improved cell design and flow, and smaller cell footprints, Six Sigma projects have greatly enhanced overall product quality and reduced costs throughout their entire Value Streams.

Conducted Five Day Executive Session, including training in Lean Concepts, roles and responsibilities, strategic objectives and tactics to achieve them. Conducted Five Day Kaizen Event which returned over $500,000 annual savings in reduced inventory/WIP, shorter cycle and lead time, improved product quality, improved cell design and smoother flow, reduced process footprint, improved ergonomics, and reduced transportation.

RICOH USA - Tustin, California
Trained senior management and over 120 employees in problem solving and SPC, and 12 students in DOE. DOE project on PCBs eliminated the top defect within the organization, reducing defects by 7% overall.

AMERICAN NATIONAL CAN - Fairfield, California
We trained three Management Green Belts in Six Sigma. Projects were completed on the overhead conveyor system, rolled aluminum feed system and extrusion processes, the four-color overlay/paint process, and the Visions System. Greatly reduced unplanned downtime of conveyor system, decreased changeover downtime of aluminum stock from over 15 minutes per roll to less than 2 minutes, increased number of extrusions per roll, and significantly improved quality of four-color overlay/paint through DOE on paint process (KPIVs included: paint roller pressure and speed, and paint viscosity), reducing rejects and scrap for paint defects by more than 60%.

FAIRCHILD FASTENER - City of Industry, California
Designed and conducted customized company-wide Process Improvement and Organizational Culture Assessment. Gathered and analyzed data. Created comprehensive report with recommendations to deploy problem solving tools and methods and to improve company team-enabling culture. Upon acceptance of recommendations, company subsequently applied for and received $4.38 Million USD in California State Employment Training Panel Grants for Lean, Problem Solving and Basic Skills Training and Deployment.
First ETP Project: Company secured a $380,000 state grant. Trained 160 employees in Basic Math, JIT/Cell Manufacturing, SPC, Team Building/Problem Solving, VESL, and World Class Manufacturing. Second ETP Project: Company secured a $4,000,000 state grant. Trained 1,500 employees in: Basic Math, Blueprint Reading, Facilitation Skills, Lean Manufacturing, Leadership, SPC, Team Building/Problem Solving, VESL, and World Class Manufacturing.

KAYNAR TECHNOLOGIES - Fullerton, California
As part of a State Training Grant and in conjunction with their customer, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Engines of Quebec, Kaynar Technologies embarked upon Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen. We trained over 40 employees and facilitated four teams through Kaizen Events, following Pratt & Whitney's materials and methods for a two week long event. Process improvements made include: establishing U-shaped cells with counterclockwise flow, line balancing, 5S, TPM, poka-yoke and SMED in the titanium fastener hot-form cell; reduced overall travel within the thread-form cell from 1.7 miles to less than 500 feet, reallocated labor based upon skills requirements (top of rate employees were doing entry level tasks), reduced overall cell footprint by 25%, determined TAKT time and rhythmic capacities, increased throughput and first pass yield, reduced WIP.

BOEING C-17 - Long Beach, California
Working with the Boeing C-17 Engineering Group and in partnership with Wyrick Enterprises, we have conducted Value Stream Mapping and Accelerated Improvement Workout (AIW) sessions, attacking lead and cycle time issues affecting release and program reviews, quality of information databases and reporting, and engineering process issues. Identified cost savings opportunities in excess of $500,000 USD per AIW event. Have implemented immediate actions that have reduced engineering lead and cycle times significantly.

THE COUNTY OF SAN DIEGO - San Diego, California
The improvements in The County of San Diego while under the leadership of County Manager Larry Prior (formerly of TRW) are nothing short of phenomenal. PSI is proud to have played a significant role in training and educating the Public Works and Probation Departments in Project Management (WBS, Gantt, PERT, CPM, MS Project) and High Performance Team Skills (Team Dynamics, Leadership, Facilitation). This knowledge was critical in their efforts to reengineer their systems and processes. In particular, the Public Works Department adopted a Project Manager Approach in their construction licensing and inspection processes, providing a single point of contact for construction contractors and reducing significantly the lead and cycle times required to gain approvals and to pass construction inspections. In many cases, total cycle time from the beginning of a project to its completion were reduced by years. Read the comprehensive report,"San Diego County's Innovation Programs: Using Competition and a Whole Lot More to Improve Public Services" (William Eimicke, Columbia University Director, Picker Center for Executive Education, School of International Public Affairs), to get a better idea of the types of improvements and the results achieved in The County of San Diego.


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