Your First Step In Sustainable Improvement
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The age old question: Do I use Continuous Improvement (CI) on my existing systems, processes, equipment. . . Or do I throw out the old and start with completely new and innovative ways through Business Process Reengineering (BPR)? What must I do to stay competitive?

Our Three Day Seminar on Business Process Reengineering will teach you how to tell when to use CI or BPR. You'll learn how to create effective As Is / Current State Value Stream Maps that identifies your process constraints and the process measurement "pulse points" that assesses your Cost of Waste and establishes your Quality Criteria.

Once you understand your Current State and you have a good Baseline for your process(es), you will then know how to create your "Should Be / Could Be" Process Maps and Value Streams, based upon the Voice of the Customer and the Strategic needs of your company.

Here's an outline of what you'll learn during our fun and informative Three Day Seminar:
- Reengineering or Continuous Improvement?
- Determining Value Added and Non-Value Added Processes
- Input-Process-Output Systems Model (IPO) and Process Gap Analysis
- Creating an IPO Diagram
- Analyzing the IPO
- Value Streams, Process Maps and Flow Charts: What's the Difference - When do I use Which?
- Value Stream and Process Modeling / Simulation Software
- Process Measures and Metrics: Simple Data Gathering and Charting, Cost of Waste and Poor Quality, Project and Balanced Scorecards
- Implementing Change - Being a Change Agent
- Strategies and Tactics for Implementation
- How does BPR fit with Six Sigma, Lean and Other Tool Sets?

You'll learn and gain experience during interesting classroom exercises, designed to make you think and have fun, while honing your new knowledge and skills. Then we'll work with you and your teams as you implement BPR projects aimed at reducing your constraints and streamlining your processes.

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