Your First Step In Sustainable Improvement
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At PROCESS SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL - BALANCED MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS, we know the theory of Balanced Scorecards and Dashboards, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma. More important to you, we understand how to apply "the tools and methods" and teach them in the common sense, hands-on practical approach that you need for the success of your business, creating a BALANCED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that allows your business to achieve and sustain your Strategic Goals and Objectives.  Thinking Strategically and acting Tactically is the key!
At the core of our approach is the understanding that the majority of Balanced Scorecard and Dashboard (BSC), Six Sigma and Lean Deployments fail because organizations are not taught how to properly select initiatives and projects based on the needs of the business and its customers, how to facilitate and lead teams, and how to effectively use project management tools (particularly Critical Path Methodology) to properly manage resources. Studies have repeatedly shown that initiatives and projects do not fail due to a lack of understanding of the tools and the "hard" skills of BSC, Six Sigma and Lean - they fail due to a lack of Systems Integration and understanding of the "soft" skills - those critical cultural aspects of BSC, Six Sigma and Lean that are necessary for your success.

Through our approach of teaching and mentoring the skills of Team Leadership / Facilitation, Project Management, BSC, Six Sigma and Lean (Toyota Production System) and integrating them with your Organizational Culture, Corporate Vision, Business Strategies and Operational Tactics, we enable you to receive the full benefits, advantages and results of BSC, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.


Your First Step: Business Assessment
First - don't let the word "assessment" scare you. If you skip this step and get it wrong, it will cost you a lot of time, money and effort to get back on track. Get it right, and the results will be fast and dramatic. It's a critical step in the success of your deployment. And it need not be a long and drawn out "science project." It does, however, need to be honest, accurate, concise and complete.

Your Business Assessment is conducted through personal interviews of selected individuals, formal surveys, the gathering of existing business performance data and information, and a tour of the organization. Your assessment includes:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Retention / Loss, Complaints, Returns / Warranty
  • Business Systems: Strategies, SWOT, Core Competencies and Performance Indicators
  • Benchmark Analysis: Competitive and Best-in-Practice
  • Culture: Team Skills, Knowledge, Use, and Acceptance of Change and Improvement
  • Six Sigma / Lean Utilization: Rapid Plant Assessment, Six Sigma and Lean Indicators
  • Assessment Analysis, and Presentation to Executive Team with PSI Recommendations

  • The Second Step: Champion / Executive Training, Deployment Planning and Executive Actions The selection of Champions and their training along with Senior Executives is the second critical step on the road to success for your deployment. During the first three days of this five day workshop, you will learn the key aspects of Six Sigma and Lean Systems. Over the last two days of the workshop, the information gained from the PSI Business Assessment will be presented and used to develop your plan for deployment. The Champions and Executives will identify Action Items they need to address, create their plan and initiate projects at their level. Included in the Deployment Plan will be the initiation of a Steering Committee and the selection of the Pilot Value Streams and potential project(s).


    Your Third Step: Training Your Professionals and Pilot Projects
    Your training will start with Value Stream Mapping with Cost of Waste and Poor Quality Analysis. During the first week of training, students will document the selected Value Stream(s) Current State Map and identify the locations and amounts of waste, categorized by the Seven Deadly Wastes (
    Defects, Overproduction, Transportation, Waiting, Inventory, Motion, Processing), with an in-depth look at the sources of Defects and the associated Cost of Poor Quality (ppm, dpu, cost of scrap/rework, etc.). Both Manufacturing and Transactional Value Streams are identified and investigated.  From this detailed information, your Professionals will be able to prioritize and initiate projects to improve the Value Streams, using the tools and skills they have learned, to reduce Value Stream Variation (Six Sigma) and improve Value Stream Flow (Lean/TPS).

    While learning Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), you will gain and in-depth understanding of Six Sigma. From the basic tools of Pareto Charting, Process Mapping, Ishakawa Cause and Effect Diagrams, FMEA, bar/line charts, and control charting, to the more complex topics of Optimization via screening and modeling DOE (Design of Experiments) and the extremely powerful tools of Design for Six Sigma, you will learn easy to use and understand software and methods that will allow you to improve any system or process, manufacturing or transactional.

    You'll also get the practical application of the tools, both in the classroom, in fun and interesting materials and exercises that help you learn and apply the tools and methods, and while working on real-time projects that your instructors and mentors will guide you through to completion and certification. In many cases, your first projects will achieve your return-on-investment before you have completed your training.


    We also understand that learning and applying the tools and concepts of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma require more than a one-size-fits-all approach to the training and mentoring of our clients. We will work closely with you to customize your training materials and approach to implementation so that you get the very most from your initiatives.


    No matter the industry or process, regardless the success of your past efforts, we have the people and the capabilities that will get you started from scratch or that will enable you to receive more return from your existing, or past, process improvement initiatives.



    KAIZEN BLITZ WEEK - This one saved the client over $500,000.00 per year - more than a 50:1 return on their investment!!!


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